Dimensions And Goals Of Financial Management

Posted: June 27, 2012 in Uncategorized

Just, financial management known as those managerial actions that is required to procure funds at the slightest cost and their effective deployment. For an organization finance is well-known as blood. No business can disregard the role of finance.
On the accepting of its branch it is notorious as science which handles the money of a company. Conventionally, it was known as a branch of information with focus on the procurement of finances. In the contemporary approach it is known as the procurement of the slightest cost funds and its effectual utilization for maximization of share holder’s prosperity. In the globalize world after the force of information technology financial management have added new measurements in the field of accounting and finance.
Concerning the goal of financial management it is apparent that financial management of a firm is maximization of economic welfare of its investors. Generally, it fulfills two goals – profit maximization and wealth maximization. Profit maximization would be under just right competition to assign the resources. Wealth maximization is recognized as maximizing the net wealth of the company’s share holders.

Financial management has financial purposes which are closely associated to financial decisions. Finance functions are achieved by financial managers. In this course finance manager can obtains the following decisions:

• Financing decision
• Investment decision
• Dividend decision
• Liquidity decision

Latter, financial management cover up the areas of accounting, productions, marketing, and HR. In the accounting it works as computation, statements and decisions. In the marketing it works as formulation of strategy, investment and working capital. In the manufacture it works as technology selections, plant size, operations and capital budgeting. In the HR it works as salaried salary, salary packages and capital efficiency.

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