Diagnostic checklists of human resource management systems

Posted: June 21, 2012 in Uncategorized

The subsequent check-lists present a number of questions which may prove accommodating for you to think about when planning your development programs for human resources (your people) in your organization.
Make use of them to provoke thought and to make discussion. Discuss with others in your organization. They will help you to make out the critical human resource concerns facing your organization.
The plan is to begin to explore how a considered and planned move toward to people management can improve business performance, to the benefit of all.

Culture, organization, people, systems (COPS), checklist
• Do your staff identify with the association and ‘the achievement of the organization’ as being of direct advantage to themselves?
• Does your staff see themselves as having ordinary interests with their work colleagues and group? Is there a sturdy team spirit?
• Is work assigned on the basis of individual knowledge rather than position in the organization?
• Are there enough skills / power bases in the organization?
• Are there suitable leadership skills within the organization?
• Is your staff encouraged to say what they think concerning the organization?
• Does your organization give confidence innovation and creativity amongst staff?
• Does your staff feel a sagacity of personal responsibility for their work?
• Is quality stressed in all aspects of the association?
• Does the formation of your organization encourage effectual performance?
• Is the organization structure flexible in the face of changing demands?
• Is the structure too complex? If so in what areas?
• Does your staff enclose clear roles and everyday jobs?
• Does your association organization tend to push problems up rather than determine them at the point where they occur?
• Do your processes and management practices make possible the accomplishment of tasks?
• Do you continually seek to challenge your organization structure?
• Does your staff have the compulsory skills and knowledge to act upon their jobs in the most effective manner?
• Do your staff understands their jobs and how they contribute to in general business performance i.e. have clear goals and objectives?
• Does your staff have a customer service direction?
• Are people with potential marked and developed for the future?
• Is your staff has confidence to perform well through the benevolent of appreciation, feedback, etc.?
• Do your people know what their expected act standards are?
• Do your organization’s systems (e.g. employee selection and recruitment, management, promotion, planning, information and control) encourage efficient performance among your staff?
• Are these systems reliable across the organization?
• Are there obvious rewards for effective presentation within your work group?
• Does the organization review its systems frequently and ensure they equally support each other?
You may now wish to think and write down:
• What are the three dangerous people issues facing your business?
• What plans /events can you take to address these subjects?

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