Customer-facing supply chain follows the impact of demand and supply management on supply chain success

Posted: June 15, 2012 in Uncategorized

Subjective traditionally, submission has been viewed as the key (physical) link between a companies’s internal provide cycle activities and its customers. More recently, need control have surfaced as a new dimension at the client interface? Although it has become increasing popular in industry, it has not yet been examined detailed with respect to its effect on provide cycle efficiency. Both submission control and need control entail customer-facing procedures and methods and that are related and (may) mutually determine provide cycle efficiency. In this document we seek to extend the stream of research in provide cycle control by consistently checking out the effect of customer-facing provide cycle methods on provide cycle efficiency. Specifically, the document investigates the relative effect of relevant methods associated with need and submission control. To this end, we gathered data from 116 multi-national organizations centered in Europe and examined it using structural equation modeling techniques.

Our results suggest that (i) popular control efficiency has a substantial positive effect on the overall provide cycle efficiency, (ii) this effect is stronger than that of submission control efficiency, and (iii) there is no evidence that need control might be an enabler for effective submission control. Among the individual methods that constitute need and submission control, sticking with to the need and submission control procedures and need segmentation surfaced as the most powerful efficiency levers. In relation to additional in-depth interviews conducted with selected organizations from our sample, we reveal some of the most important conclusions that surfaced from our survey analysis.
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