Art and a technology with Management

Posted: February 9, 2012 in Uncategorized

Art and a technology with Management Assignment Help

Management is both an art and a technology. The above described details clearly expose that management includes functions of both technology as well as art. It is regarded as a technology because it has a structured body of understanding which contains certain worldwide truth of the issue. It is known as an art because dealing with needs certain abilities which are individual belongings of professionals. Research provides the understanding & art promotions with the use of understanding and abilities.

Combination of technology with Management Assignment Help

A Management to be effective in his occupation must obtain the understanding of technology & the art of implementing it. Therefore management is a careful combination of technology as well as an art because it shows the concepts and the way these concepts are used is an issue of art. Research educates to ’know’ and art educates to ’do’. E.g. an individual cannot become an excellent musician unless he has understanding about various ragas & he also is applicable his individual expertise in the art of performing.

Technology is the main and art is the fruit with Management Assignment Help

Same way it is not adequate for Management to first know the concepts but he must also use them in dealing with various dealing with issues that is why, technology and art are not mutually unique but they are contrasting to each other. The old saying that “Manager are Born” has been denied favoring “Managers are Made”. It has been appropriately pointed out that management is the most ancient of art and newest of technology. To consider, we can say that technology is the main and art is the fruit.


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